Mid Week Inspiration

Eating Healthy

I shot this some time ago while visiting the San Diego Zoo and while watching this animal (I forgot what it’s called)  eat it reminded me of my new diet or Life Style as my doctor calls it anyway. There’s a lot more green stuff in my life now!
Well I’m happy to say that I see the results of what a healthy diet and exercise has done for me. I’m now twenty five pounds lighter than I was five months ago.
With that said, here’s the quotes that really motivated me, besides my physical!

(1) Getting older is inevitable, how you age is optional.
(2) We cannot change what we cannot acknowledge.

Stay Strong




2 thoughts on “Mid Week Inspiration

  1. Congrats! I was a bit worried for a second but I knew you’d be fine. I knew because I prayed on it. But I am happy to hear it. And I haven’t been to the zoo in so long.. I think maybe I need to go. Love this.


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