About Me

Hello my name is Michael D. Thomas,

I’m a professional photographer based in southern California, specializing in wedding, fashion, model portfolios, glamour, portrait, event photography and photojournalism and event photography.   To be honest, as much as I love working with people and hope to work with you, I don’t want to attract clients by laying it on thick about “how great I am” and how much I can promise you. Even if it’s spoken sincerely, I think it all begins to sound false after a while. And I don’t think that’s the right foot to start a relationship on. So besides great photos, I tell my clients they should  look for is a photographer that best suits their needs, style and personality. And be really upfront with them. I am more than happy to refer them to other photographers that may better fit their needs. I would rather do that than loose a friendship.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Dunia says:

    Fully respect ur prospective in dealing with your clients / friends
    I have been enjoying your daily post and the photos by far been very inspiring


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