Weekend Inspiration

It's Time to Fly

It’s Time to Fly

Well I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but I have a good reason I think.
Well let me take you back a few months, after putting off my annual doctor’s appointment until after Christmas 2015, I finally met my new doctor and I was pleasantly surprised that I finally got a doctor that wasn’t fresh out of med school!
Now the check up begins, I have to bend over, cough you know the normal prodding, and then he checked my heart rate and evidently he didn’t like what he heard so the next thing I know he’s setting me up for an appointment for a blood test the next morning and a referral to see a cardiologist in the afternoon.
The blood test is over, so next is the heart doctor. When I arrive at his office I’m told to step on the treadmill and start walking fast so they can perform a stress test of some kind. After I complete the test, I am now told that they want to monitor my heart rate, which now means that I have to wear this machine with probes attached to my body for the next two days!
Now let’s fast forward four weeks it’s now January 27, 2016 and the phone rings and it’s my doctor’s office requesting my appearance the very next day. (So now I know I’m in trouble, they never seem to call you when things are fine).
Now here’s when the fun starts! So I meet with the doctor and he informs me that my cholesterol and blood sugar content is too high but with medication, diet and exercise I’m still fixable! So in my defense I tell him that I walk at least six times a week and I gave up soda eight years ago and his reply was; you have to start eating right, more fruits and vegetables and no white hardly anything, and I said do you mean no rice, bread or pasta or tacos, and he said yes and no candy either until you get this under control, and by the way you need to lose some weight. (In my mind I’m thinking…Why am I doing all of this if I’m only going to starve to death!)
So needless to say I needed to make some life changes and had to focus on my health, which also meant that I had to step away from my computer for a while and spend more time exercising.
I will share part two of my story next week, but now I’m going to go eat some water!

My Quote of the Day:
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
~lao Tzo

Stay strong

The photo above is dedicated to my friend Kia aka Baby Girl, I hope it helps you through the day!

1 thought on “Weekend Inspiration

  1. While reading this I couldn’t help but think about my fiance and my stepdad. Heart problems are nothing to play with and need to be taken care of. They actually told me stepdad that he had to monitor his heart as well and took him off of starches and told him he has to eat more greens. He actually doesn’t like them lol.. so this should be interesting. But I am so happy you were taking care of your health. We need you here sharing your amazing photos and I’m sure your family needs you more than we do.

    And I simply love that photo. I actually am seeing so many new birds while being in Georgia. I love nature just not the darn bugs LOL.


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