Helping Hand

Homeless C H

This post is a little different from my norm, but bare with me as tell you about the gentleman in the photo above.
On my mid morning walk in the trail that I take at least five days a week in the suburban neighborhood where I live it’s not common to find someone laying down on the side of the walkway, so my first thought was something might be wrong with him and he needed some help.
As I moved closer to him I asked him did he need any help ( me trying to be the good samaritan that I was raised to be) and the answer he gave me totally blew me away and I’m usually not at lost for words but this was one of those rare moments!
So here’s his reply to me and I’m quoting word for word;
” Less Conversation”.
So I continued my walk home shocked and amazed at the same time!

So with that said, still continue to reach out because you may be the blessing someone needs today.

Stay Strong!