Day 277 of 365

Ducks taking a break

My post are going to be quick and to the point this week, because I’m working on a couple of projects.  Also I need to catch on reading and responding to my Blog Family.

Quote / Thought of the Day:
“To realize the value of one-second:
ask a person who has survived an accident.”


5 thoughts on “Day 277 of 365

  1. Life can change in a second .. A great dream can come true, some new hopes, someone new into the family , someone leaving to start their future, all can happen in a flash of a second .. everything changes and we too change with it.. some for better some for worse and some stay as they are every second passes us one thing we need to keep in mind.. to keep hold into our Lord as He is the only one that never change.. he is Yesterday today and for ever ..
    God bless your life and the family Michael


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