Day 270 of 365

Flowers in the front yard

Quote / My Thought of the Day:
“Stop telling people your secrets when you know they are not going to keep them! And if you keep telling them, then stop getting mad when they tell your secrets!”

6 thoughts on “Day 270 of 365

  1. it is no longer a secret if you tell it.. the best way ever is to not have a secret.. or even better if we live our life right and do right by others just as the Lord showed us by example we will have nothing to hide ..


  2. I knew a nice speech that you may like it. I will write it in spanish and then, I’ll try to write an aproximated translation.

    Dos personas pueden guardar un secreto, siempre y cuando una de los dos esté muerta.
    -Two guys can keep a secret, if and when one of them is dead.

    A roman speech I think, can’t remember. It may has to do a lil bit with your speech. I do not say that it’s a true speech, but it makes you wonder 😛


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