Go to Work on your Goals

go tro goals ps

I’m dedicating this quote to my friend and I’m proud to called a member of her blog family, Kia Salter, she published her first book yesterday called “KTS Guide to Rebranding, The E Book”.
I know how much hard work and love that she put into delivering a great and informative read and if it’s anything like her blog site I know it will be a worthwhile and enjoyable book.
So please check out her site and also to find out more information regarding the book, please follow this link; http://www.houseofkts.com/
So once again congratulations Baby Girl, you did it!

Stay Strong and don’t defer your dreams.

Day 59 of 365

Free Books

Woke up Sunday morning and wasn’t in the frame of mind to deal with the L A traffic to cover an event in Long Beach, so I headed to the Family Book Festival in Chino just a few miles from my house and I must say the kids and adults that attended were having a good time. It was nice to see children that haven’t lost their love of books and education.
Quote of the Day:
The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. ~Robert Maynard Hutchins