Day 342 of 365

Last night my Grandson and I took off to our neighborhood mall called “The Shoppes” for a little man time.
He was fascinated by the water show and the free goodies the vendors at the Farmer’s Market were offering him.
The farmers market was located in front of the Victoria Secret store and I thought about taking him in there so we could pick up a little something for his Grandmother for Christmas!…..But then again!
Quote of the Day:
“It takes nearly as much ability to know how to profit by good advice as to know how to act for one’s self.”
 – Francois de la Rochefoucauld

7 thoughts on “Day 342 of 365

  1. LMAO.. I know you were not going to take him in the Vicky Secret store lol. When he asked why you were in there what were you going to say? lol. Maybe you should go back there on your own and get your wife something lol. But this handsome little man is just too cute for words. I’m glad he has a wonderful positive man in his life..


  2. Dear Kay,
    I thought that you of all people would appreciate this truly romantic gesture, you being a lover of romance and all. You don’t think that it teaches the Kid that it’s nice to buy his Grandma gifts?
    How could you object to that, especially during the Christmas season!
    Well because you said he’s a little young, I’ll take your advice and take my 21 year old daughter and 30 year old son next time! Maybe they can help me find some wings to go with their Mom’s outfit!
    Am I romantic or what?
    I do hope your having a great day and it’s warmer!


    • Okay.. I stand corrected. It probably will teach him to be more romantic. But he probably wouldn’t appreciate it at this age because… I’m taking a guess in thinking… he probably thinks girls are yucky right now lol. Maybe wait till 13 lol. And when you take your sons, I think you should take my boyfriend as well lol. He’s romantic and very attentive, but it couldn’t hurt to make him a little more mushy lol. Yes I am such a romantic lol. And so are you lol.. Love the wing idea.


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