Day 274 of 365

Unknown Artist

As I was wondering the back alleys of the Pomona Art District, I saw this mural painted on one of the alley walls and I wondered who created this piece of art?
Sometimes you can find beauty in the strangest places!

Quote of the Day:
I don’t like standard beauty – there is no beauty without strangeness. 
~Karl Lagerfeld

1 thought on “Day 274 of 365

  1. G’day Michael (Good Day)
    Once someone draw a picture of a “beautiful face” but it did not look beautiful at all… his concept of that was he has drawn the best looking mouth, noise, eyes, cheeks, neck .. Everything was perfect but when put together the paint looked very abstract… though abstract has its own beauty… but his paint was not aiming for abstract… he was trying to paint a very beautiful face.
    In every place we go and even within us… there are a lot of abstract… but we are able to see the beauty around us “just like you did ” simply because we are seeking simplicity not complexity..
    Not to say that complexity is a world of beauty to the mind and soul too.


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