Reggae Saturday

I was looking at our local newspaper this morning and read that a group called “Island Groovin” would perform between 1 and 5 today at our local mall and figured I could catch the last 15 minutes of the show. Hey I figured 15 minutes of some good Reggae music is better than none!
When I arrived I noticed there was only one person standing in front of the stage, while the rest of the crowd was walking by,  are watching their kids playing in the water fountains.
Needless to say this was not the Reggae group I was expecting and based on the crowd they felt the same way.
Maybe I expected to smell a certain aroma in the air, are at least dreadlocks! Maybe I’m just spoiled or maybe this is what they call Island Music in the suburbs! 
Quote of the Day:
The only real possession you’ll ever have is your character.
— Tom Wolfe

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