Post One Hundred and One

Duck Family Stroll

Well I can’t believe this post 101 for me, where has the time gone! I still can’t believe I committed to Post A Day.
I would like to send a special Thank You to Gem at  The Spirit Portal for becoming my first subscriber.  The pressure is really on now for the next 264 days to produce something. (Hopefully not to boring). So with that said I will end todays post with this (Also my new motto) ;
Quote of the Day: 
“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.”Benjamin Franklin

2 thoughts on “Post One Hundred and One

  1. Hey! :). I love this picture and I’m glad you are having success with WordPress’s Post a day. When you start to get int he habit, it will seem like clockwork :). Oh and I wanted to apologize for not getting back in touch with you sooner. I sent you an email 🙂


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