Stuck in the Phoenix Haboob

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

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Well it’s good to back home in California not to say I did not have a great time in Buffalo, NY.
Now let me tell you about the trip home.
Monday July 18, 2011:  Arrived at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport in plenty of time for our 3:55 departure and we where on our way to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to catch our connectiing flight to Ontario, Ca.. Well we made it to Phoenix with time to spare but as I looked out the window it did seem a bit hazy but I’m used to haze living in the Los Angeles basin.
As we made our way to terminal D, I noticed a lot of people with cell phones and camera’s taking pictures while looking out the window and that’s when I realized that their might be a problem!
I soon found out that I was in the middle of a dust storm.
The dust, also known as a haboob in Arabic and around Arizona.
To make a long story short my flight that was to depart at 7:15p.m. departed at around 9:45p.m.

In the Sahara there are 2 types of the Haboob. In the south a strong and hot version occurs, creating a common sandstorm. In the north the Haboob is colder and causes less dust storms than in the South.
The Haboob also occurs in the southwest of the US.
Especially in the dry states, such as Texas and Arizona.
Quote of the Day:
“A straight oar looks bent in the water. What matters is not merely that we see things but how we see them.”
Michel de Montaigne

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