Pure Complex

Pure Complex

This week I was featuring the Renaissance Fair, in Corona, California but I read the Word Press Topic of the Day and I felt this was worth delaying that topic until tomorrow for.
Word Press Topic #123
Pick a blog or blog post you enjoy and write a post about it.
This post is about the very first person that commented on my blog.
So it’s my pleasure to feature Kay aka Baby Girl and her blog titled Pure Complex.
This site is one of the most beautiful and creative sights I’ve seen,
it features anything from art to romance, sort of like a one stop shop for the creative mind and her movie Monday reviews are really thought provoking and well written, that often leads to some lively discussions. So if your a movie fan I think you will really enjoy it. 
It’s a mystery to me how she finds the time to cover that many subjects and do it so well!
So if you need some creative inspiration this site offers something for everyone!

Quote of the Day:
“No one is without knowledge except he who asks no questions.” African proverb

Ducks in the Park

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